I. Words+

short story



Late one night, on her way to the bathroom, Didibhai fell down the stairs of the house she had inhabited for close to sixty years. A sudden tumble. Her body sprang forward, the staircase blurred to teeth. Da-dump ta-tump thump. Down in the landing, she crashed into something. A flowerpot? A vase? Too dark to tell. A burst of sound went skittering, and her first hefty thought was, Oh no, I hope I didn’t break it!

There she lay, cheek to the floor, worrying about it. Not her hip, or her shoulder, or her knees, but an object external to her person. Something that didn’t belong to her. Something of value.


The Likely Histories of Paul & Paige

Northwest Review 🔓 paywall

Today, on this slippery mountain
people will look at us
and be reminded of a Bollywood movie
they were forced to sit through
on a flight / to save a friendship—
they will relive
the saccharine revulsion of witnessing
immigrant newlyweds holding hands.
In us, they’ll see a woman floundering on uneven stone
a man holding her hand, grasping it
like the rudder of a boat that his parents bought him

novel excerpt

Animal Behavior

The Johannesburg Review Of Books

In the beginning, I’m stepping off a plane, hobbling on scrunched-up legs toward the arrivals hall of Hendrik Van Eck Airport. Twilight has washed the tarmac purple. A breeze moves in from the lowveld. The scents of a great many trees. The date is May 29. The year is 2010. It is the first day of my new job.

At my back, a year-long tryst with unemployment, the soupy remains of my college education gathering in my parents’ basement in Princeton, New Jersey, along with the rest of my things: my piles of books approaching the slit of the hopper window; my gym shorts shed like snakeskin on the carpet; suitcases lying unpacked; and, on the nightstand, a succulent with a lone purple leaf.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wilderness House Literary Review

Day 1. Why am I leaving?

It is summer in the high country, and the air is charged with dandelions and smoke. Snow lingers on the highest peaks. Horseflies gather to drink my blood. I am moving quickly, too quickly, away from a life that was perfectly good. Perhaps I am escaping tedium, predictability. I tell myself there is a flight to catch, an apartment to fill with new essentials. The mockingbird outside my window in Oakland learns new songs each year. Perhaps I want to learn new songs too.


Damn Straight

Scapegoat Review

I knew
I had a thing for him
when I tried peeing in the next stall
and couldn’t
not in love, exactly
but a kind of goose-cooking
ninety-nine knobs groaning as they turned
there was no bug to fixate on
just forced visions of octogenarians
falling to the scent of shampoo
distilled from the navel of a unicorn.


Good Designers Borrow

Benchling Engineering

In the summer of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to swallow the planet, Martin, a molecular biologist at a London-based startup, sat squinting at Microsoft Excel on his computer. That’s the software he used to map out his research, which focuses on modified RNA, the same technology that would give rise, in just a few months, to the life-saving vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna. His own work involved cancer, specifically the development of treatments that would restore normal function to tumor cells. It was an approach that flew counter to the vast majority of treatments on the market, options such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which aim to cure cancer by killing diseased cells rather than healing them.


The Re-education of J.K. Rowling

The Wire

It didn’t take me very long to accept my own sexuality, and J.K. Rowling’s books about the freak-turned-celeb boy wizard get only some of the credit. The rest goes to a pair of pets – two brilliant-yellow budgies who had the hots for each other.

Both were female, as far as the nine-year-old me could tell. Every afternoon, they would take a bath in the water bowl, and then, after drying off, they would hump each other, taking turns, in the frantic, blink-and-you-miss way that birds often do.

“You are not alone,” they seemed to say. “One day, you too will hump a person of your choosing.”


Suddenly Visible

The New York Times

II. Designs+


Intimate Interpersonal

Augmented experiences for the home



Bayesian Prophesies

Experiments with human-machine collaboration

interaction design
visual design


Chatbot Extraordinaire

Obscure technical questions encouraged

conversation modeling
interaction design


Zombies for Good

Battling stagefright just got weirder

game design
interaction design

III. In Brief

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