Email Experiments

An AI-first experimentation tool for marketing professionals.


user interviews -> persona profiling -> journey mapping -> low-fidelity protopying (paper, google docs) -> concept validaiton -> buy a feature -> high-fidelity prototyping -> usability testing -> beta ship -> alpha customer onboarding -> ...


Matt Tharp, Jon Linton, Alan deLespinasse, Ira Ladson, Robert Ness, David Saginashvili


2019 / 4 months

Problem Statement

For the marketing professional, email is a fraught space. On the one hand, it absolutely crucial for engaging and sustaining the community's interest in your products and services. On the other hand, it is dangerous to get wrong, because sending users unwanted spam can results in a permanent harm to your brand. That's why it's important for the marketer to perfect each email before it goes out to their audience.


Gamalon Email is a multi-variate experimentation tool that allows marketing professionals to test their ideas on a small audience and arrive at the right messaging quickly. With Gamalon, marketers can run contunuous experimentation on their messaging, launch more optimizing campaigns, reduce contacts churn, and improve how the brand is perceived by the community. The beta version of the product launched in September 2019. More info here.

Selected Assets

A selection of assets from the prototyping process are presented here.

[Figure 1] A low-fidelity prototype of the email composition tool.

[Figure 2] A low-fidelity prototype of the results dashboard.

[Figure 3] A video walkthrough of an early prototype showing a sample workflow of a marketer setting up an email experiment.

[Figure 4] A screenshot of the actual interface showing a draft experiment.

[Figure 5] A screenshot of the actual interface showing the results of a completed experiment.

[Figure 6] A high-fidelity design showing a dashboard of insights across multiple experiments.