Gamalon Analytics

A series of visualizations based on insights from Gamalon's natural language processing technologies.


technical capabilities evaluation -> competitive analysis -> feature prioritization -> low-fidelity prototyping -> needs validation -> medium-fidelity prototyping -> heuristic evaluation -> high-fidelity prototyping -> specs and beta ship -> production


Jon Linton, Alan deLespinasse, Ira Ladson, Glynnis Kearney, David Saginashvili


2018 / 3 months

Problem Statement

Gamalon's technology captures the sentiment of a community through the things that are spoken and written about. To achieve this, Gamalon's machine learning algorithms create hierarchical natural language models to process unstructured datasets such as free-form survey responses, chat transcripts, and customer reviews. The outputs of these analyses, in their nascent state, are hard for humans to read.


Gamalon Analytics is a comprehensive application for visualizing the output of Gamalon's analyses. The application includes several high-level lenses, such as Impact, Sentiment, and Headlines, as well as tools such as Idea Explorer and Comparisons, which allow users to dig deeper and unearth insights buried within the data.

Selected Assets

A selection of assets from the prototyping process are presented here.

[Figure 1] A high-fidelity screen of the Headlines page, which shows a high-level view of the Gamalon's analyses.

[Figure 2] A high-fidelity screen of the Idea Explorer page, which allows users to dig deeper.

[Figure 3] A high-fidelity screen of the Impact page, which allows users to make connections between the customer messages and impact metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS).

[Figure 4] A high-fidelity screen of the Sentiment page, which allows users to analyse their data through the lens of customer sentiment.

[Figure 5] A video showing a survey of Gamalon Analytics.