Product Settings

A user model and associated interface for Gamalon's clients.


requirements gathering -> competitive research -> user model generation -> technical validation -> low-fidelity prototyping -> needs validation -> heuristic evaluation -> high-fidelity prototyping -> production


Matt Tharp, William Josephson, Alan deLespinasse, Ira Ladson


2019 / 2 months

Problem Statement

Gamalon is a cloud-based B2B company, which means that we sell subscriptions to our software, accessible via the internet, to other companies. In order to prepare our product to be used by enterprise clients, we needed to allow organizations and their designated users to create and maintain their own system of permissions within the organization.


We created a comprehensive user model for Gamalon's clients, and we made the attributes of this model available via the Settings pages on the app. The goal was to keep the pages simple even though the logic underlying them needed to be fairly complex and robust.

Selected Assets

A selection of assets from the prototyping process are presented here.

[Figure 1] A high-level overview of the objects and relations in the Gamalon user model, developed as a collaboration between design and engineering.

[Figure 2] A detailed description of the product requirements to be surfaced in the user settings portion of the product.

[Figure 3] A high-fidelity prototype of the Chat Settings page.

[Figure 4] A high-fidelity prototype of the User Settings page.

[Figure 5] A high-fidelity prototype of the Integrations page.